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Stream Cleanup Conservation Project

Every Saturday in April from 8-10 a.m. Hope Jordan is organizing this effort. Contact her at 443-455-0605 or amindfulscholar@gmail.com. >> Meet at 727 Hollen promptly at 8 a.m. (or at the stream if you arrive after 8). >> Wear protective clothing as there may be poison ivy and waterproof footwear in case you need to enter …

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Event Series Dumpster Day

Dumpster Day

The dumpster will be delivered near the corner of Hollen and Yorkshire. The dumpster is typically delivered during the morning, but the city has the right to deliver it as late at 1 p.m. Neither the LWCA, nor the volunteers who monitor the dumpster, have control over the delivery time. We encourage Lake Walker residents …

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LW Walking Book Club: The Overstory

TIME CHANGE! Rain date: June 18 How does it work? Prepare for the club by reading the book: The Overstory by Richard Powers Meet at the intersection of Cedarcroft and Yorkshire. The organizers will provide questions and discussion prompts and people can walk in pairs or small groups to discuss at their own pace. We will …

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