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Let It All Hang Out

June 16 @ 8:00 am June 22 @ 5:00 pm

The Greening Committee invites you to join in a fun contest to support the environment. If you don’t already, hang your laundry outside for one week.

  • Take a photo and send it to Kim Munchel at kimmunchel@gmail.com.
  • Photos may be displayed publicly on the LW FB page or at an event. So, maybe don’t have it all hanging out… (no undies, please!)
  • The committee will award a prize for the most ingenious way to hang laundry. Tree branch? Railing? Fence? Get creative!

Why air dry? 10% of a typical household’s energy use is from the dryer. Air drying reduces that, which is better for Mother Earth AND your wallet! It will keep your house cooler and reduce wear and tear on your clothes, making them last longer. In addition, your clothes will SMELL GREAT.