Lake Walker Walking Book Club

Prepare to discuss the first half of The 1619 Project (chapters 1-8). Meet at the intersection of Cedarcroft and Yorkshire. Rain date 4/12.

How does it work? Prepare for the club by reading the book.

The organizers will provide questions and discussion prompts and people can walk in pairs or small groups to discuss at their own pace. We will walk in a large group, spread out so people have enough space for social distancing. The route will vary, but prepare to walk about 1 or 2 miles at a casual pace around the neighborhood.

How do I join? Just read the book and meet us at the corner. No preregistration needed. All are welcome!

If you have mobility issues, please email and we can develop a walking route that allows you to participate.

Is it safe? Please wear a mask, whether or not you’ve received a vaccination, and avoid touching. The discussion prompts will be distributed with gloved hands, and you can wear gloves if you will feel safer that way. We will move to the sidewalks when cars are coming.

What are you planning to read? Our books tend to include diverse perspectives and ways of being in the world or to provide an actionable challenge to injustice. The selections include fiction and nonfiction, and part of every discussion will be about our own roles in creating a welcoming community and being better neighbors.

Past selections include Not In My Neighborhood by Antero Pietila and The Girl Who Fell From the Sky by Heidi Durrow.

How will I know about the next book selection? Keep up to date with announcements in the newsletter, through Lake Walker email alerts, or right here on the calendar on the Lake Walker website.